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Friday 8 March 2013

Did you watch the Brit’s in February? Was it just me or was it totally uninspiring? Lots of very industry created acts, public school boys and not one band to challenge the status quo. All very safe, controlled and boring!!!!!

THE HIPPY MAFIA – The best band I’ve heard this month. Check them out at

TOP SECRET – For drummers young, old, beginner or advanced, check this lot out. Top Secret from Switzerland. I never thought I’d b a fan of “marching bands” but this lot are superb.

In February I started going out and doing some live gigs again. Something I’ve not done for a while. The band I’m playing with is called The Soultrain. The songs we do are all covers of 60’2 soul classics mixed in with some of the very best Northern Soul songs of their time. I had three weeks to learn thirty songs. It turned out to be really good practice for me to transcribe all these songs and write out the drum parts in detail. For three weeks I listened to nothing but these thirty songs day and night.

The first gig I did with The Soultrain was at the Ritz Ballroom in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. A great old venue with a lot of history. I’m pleased to say the gig went very well, much to my relief and the other band members. I’ll be posting more news about the band in due course.

May the Rhythm be with you!


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