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Lancaster & Morecambe College Open Day

Recently, I had the great pleasure of being taken around Lancaster and Morecambe College. It was a fantastic facility with lots of enthusiastic people, both students and tutors, and a fantastic vibe. The picture is taken in a recording studio on campus. A very nice Gretch drum kit by the way.

Here's something they posted on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks guys!

"We were thrilled to welcome musician Chris Joyce onto campus today, to show him round our industry-standard music studios πŸŽΆπŸŽ™πŸ₯

Chris, who has recently moved to the area and is keen to immerse himself into the local creative community, was the drummer with platinum-selling Simply Red from 1985-1991 and has continued to work within the music industry.

He met with tutors from LMC's Visual & Creative Studies team to discuss the launch of our new Music courses in September 2024 and he even took some time out to show off his skills on the Gretsch drumkit.
Chris offers online lessons and tutorials for aspiring drummers on his own YouTube channel and is planning to set up a drumming school in the local area. Thanks for stopping by πŸ‘ See you again soon 😎"

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